Essential Lines from Movies During Quarantine

The daily rise and shine lately become a blurry line to pronounce. Despite everything, one of the activity to entertain us during quarantine is to watch movies. What is your favourite so far? Below are the lists of my favourite lines from the film/series I watched.

Image Source: Pinterest

Phantom Thread | 2017 (Romance/Drama)

“For I know, he’d be waiting for me in the afterlife. Or some safe, celestial place. In this life and the next and the next one after. And for whatever there is on the road that follows from here, it would only require my patience to get to him again” – Alma to Mr Reynolds Woodcock

Fantastic Mr Fox | 2009 (Animation/Adventure/Comedy)

Felicity: I know, we’re wild animals. Mr. Fox: Hmm.. I guess we always were. I promise you, if I had all this to do over again, I’d have never let you down. It was always more fun when we did it together, anyway. I love you, Felicity.

Image Source: Pinterest

Self Made | 2020 (Limited Series/Drama)

“Sometimes silence is the only protection a colored woman can count on.  But now that I’ve finally learned to tell my story, I can’t be silent no more” – Sarah/Madame C.J. Walker.

It has always been an indulgence to catch the glee during movie time. Above are just some of the dialogue quotes that pat the closest to my heart. I believe there will be more awaits as now we got more time for that Netflix moment.

Stay safe everyone ❤

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